The Pilgrim

Anneliina Rif, soprano
Mari Mäntylä, decacorde

Composers of the concert:
Tarquino Merula, Anonymous, Alonso Mudarra, Luys de Narváez, Pekka Jalkanen, José Marín, Juan Antonio Muro, Eero Hämeenniemi

Every one of the pieces in the concert offers a unique perspective that contributes to the narrative of human aspiration to achieve harmony: love, consolation and peace of soul.

The world is full of diversity; different cultures, religions and beliefs surround us and impact our daily lives in more direct ways than once imaginable. However, the diversity has always existed. We will hear how Muslim maidens reaping olives in the Andalusian countryside (Tres morillas) aroused love’s yearning in the Renaissance poet just as any beautiful scene may stir deep feelings in us today. We will learn of the pain of the Judean king David as he mourned for his dead son three thousand years ago (Triste estaba el rey David). We relive those raw emotions as they become manifest in this concert through music that dates back some 500 years.

A parting, the experience of an aching separation in India 1400 years ago (5 songs about Kuruntokai) becomes fluently articulated in modern musical expression, with the Tamil lyrics taking on a new form in their translations into Finnish, Hindi and Finnish Romany. Although the journey of life runs through many misfortunes, partings, and deaths, the human compass needle settles itself naturally toward light and holiness. Shall I allow myself to be guided by my compass? That is the question only I, the pilgrim, can answer.