The solo recital repertoire of Mari Mäntylä covers music from renaissance to contemporary time. She sees, however, the creation of new repertoire for the decacorde in collaboration with composers as her main calling, in order to make the most out of this instrument. At present she focuses in combining renaissance and baroque music with the contemporary music. A good example of this is Mäntylä’s decacorde solo album, released at the end of 2008. Collaboration with the composer Pekka Jalkanen has resulted in both in new solo and chamber music for her instrument. Works of larger scale include a double concerto Aeterna and a monologue opera Dominus Krabbe.

Mäntylä has played a wide repertoire for guitar and flute as well as for guitar and voice, ranging from baroque to contemporary music. She has appeared in performances with a considerable number of flutists and singers both in Finland, Switzerland and Germany. The voice and guitar repertoire includes also lute songs from the renaissance period. Furthermore, her repertoire features Spanish and Brazilian songs, Finnish ditties and Portuguese fado.

Mari Mäntylä is currently active in such chamber music ensembles as the Duo Dryades, in which she plays with Kristina Kuusisto (from tango to contemporary music), with countertenor Teppo Lampela (in monologue opera Dominus Krabbe, among others). Apart from these, Mäntylä also collaborates with sopranos Pia Freund and Anneliina Koskinen and with percussion artist Juhani Hapuli. Mäntylä is also working in Maestro Astor (Mestari Astor) -production, based on Astor Piazzollas music.